Benji Patterson is a young American rapper, singer, poet and songwriter who grew up immersed in the music industry, he watched his father record, mix and distribute his own music, something he is now doing for himself. His father toured extensively with artists such as Whitney Houston, Michael Bolton and Peter White and from a young age Benji was surrounded by soul, jazz and RnB, music that touches the spirit and defined his approach to writing and recording today.

Benji's latest single 'The Unknown', out now is about the highs and lows that he has experienced over the past few years. From dropping out of college to make music, growing a following during a global pandemic to loosing a close friend in 2020. Meanwhile learning to overcome the everyday fears and uncertainties that he calls The Unknown. The single achieved over 4000 per-saves ahead of it’s release. 

Since leaving school Benji has released numerous singles and music videos, each time gaining more success and reaching a wider audience. To pursue music and follow his dream Benji works whatever jobs are necessary to earn enough to fund his music projects, “I’m excited to continue to work hard, develop as an artist and inspire others along the way”. Spotify has been hugely supportive of Benji, allowing him to create his music with such a fantastic studio and engineer at their Secret Genius Studios in Los Angeles.

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